1.   I have never danced before.  Can you teach me as a beginner?

  2.   I am a beginner.  How long will it take me to learn to dance?

  3.   I only want to learn one dance, for example Tango or Cha Cha.  Can you teach me this?

  4.   Do I need to be an experienced dancer to join your intermediate class?

  5.   I have not danced for a long time.  Can you refresh me enough to join your classes?

  6.   I am an experienced dancer.  Will you be able to improve my dancing even further?

  7.   I would love to attend your classes, but I cannot come every week.  Is this a problem?

  8.   I am not available to attend your regular classes.  Do you teach at other times?

  9.   How much do your classes cost?

10.   Do I need a partner?

11.   Is there an age limit for your classes?

12.   What sort of music do you play?

13.   Do I need special dance shoes?  What are they like?  Where can I get them from?

14.   What clothes should I wear?

15.   What does Corta Jaca mean?

16.   I have heard talk of "dance etiquette".  What does this mean?

17.   When I have learned to dance in classes, where can I put this into practise socially?

18.   What is the Nanaimo Ballroom Dance Society?

19.   I am interested in competition dancing.  How do I get into that?

20.   Do you teach International or American style?  What difference is there?

21.   Is Corta Jaca Dance a properly run, bona fide teaching organization?

22.   How do I become a dance teacher?

23.   How do I know if an instructor is properly qualified?

24.   How do students benefit by the teacher being a member of the International Dance Teachers Association?

25.   Dance figures and steps change over time, and new ones are introduced.  Do you keep up to date with this?