How do students benefit by the teacher being a member of the International Dance Teachers Association?

Students are protected in the following ways:

Membership of a professional dance association indicates the appropriate qualification to teach that subject.

All members are bound to follow and comply with a strict code of conduct, integrity and professional etiquette in respect of the services they offer, their standards of teaching, the way they advertise, their relationship with their pupils, their behavior in public and their competency to teach.

These are just some of the ways in which members are expected to behave, and failure to do so by engaging in any unprofessional conduct may render them liable to disciplinary action by that Association.

Members of the public, and particularly parents who are looking for a teacher for their children, are strongly advised to ascertain that the teacher they choose is professionally qualified with a recognized dance teacher organization.  Professionally qualified dance teachers will be aware of all the important requirements such as police checks, first aid qualifications, appropriate insurance cover, the necessary music licenses and safe teaching practice.

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