How do I know if an instructor is properly qualified?

Ask your instructor what his or her qualifications are.

A professional dance teacher will be proud to tell you their qualifications.  He or she should be able to prove membership of a professional association and also be happy to show you teaching certificates on request.

Anything less than this will not demonstrate their claim to be a professional instructor, no matter what their experience.  Just because someone has “competed as an amateur” does not qualify them to to teach.

Remember, there is a big difference between someone who makes unrealistic claims of you being able to learn 4 dances in 8 weeks, and someone who is professionally qualified and who will teach you at your own pace, having due regard for health and safety.  Dancing is an activity which requires a certain degree of physical fitness, and there is a real danger in being taught by someone who is not professionally aware of correct techniques, whatever their claims.

For examples of professional associations see our links page.

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