I am interested in competition dancing.  How do I get into that?

There are plenty of opportunities available locally, nationally and internationally for participating in competition dancing.

It is vital that you obtain a good, solid foundation in correct technique of all the basic steps and figures before moving on to competition level figures and styles.  Without that foundation you will not achieve as good results in any competition.

Although Corta Jaca Dance specializes in social dancing, all the steps and figures we teach are taught correctly, to international standards.  This includes leading and following, rise and fall, holds, body position, timing, sway, alignment and footwork, as well as lots of useful hints and tips.

Although we can put you in touch with instructors who can coach you to competition level and introduce you to the competitive circuit, it is essential that you learn these fundamentals to a high standard before moving on.

Even if you currently compete, we can still help you with your technique and improve your dancing without interfering with either your competition style or your routines.

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