I only want to learn one dance, for example Tango or Cha Cha.  Can you teach me this?

We can teach you as many or as few dances as you wish.  

However, when you attend a social dance evening, you will find music played for a wide variety of dances.  Restricting yourself only to one or two dances will reduce the number of dances you can participate in and, similarly to only ever learning basic steps, you may become bored and disinterested.

The more dances you learn, the better all round dancer you will become.

You will also find that steps and figures in some dances are common to others: for example, there are steps in Cha Cha that can also be danced in Rumba; similarly, there are figures in Waltz which can also be danced in Quickstep.  This makes each dance easier to learn.  Additionally, some technique is also shared between different dances.

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