“Ballroom dancing is quite an amazing feat.

It enables two perfect strangers to move around a crowded dance floor in very close proximity to each other,

in perfect time with the music, and execute intricate patterns without bumping into other dancers or into each other.

All this while, at any particular time, the follower has no idea what the leader is going to do next

and the leader may have no idea what the follower is capable of.”

Want to learn new figures?  Improve your technique?  Practise your steps?

Join our regular ballroom and Latin dance classes every week

at the Lighthouse Community Centre, Lions Way, Bowser.

 CONTACT US for details of class times

At Corta Jaca Dance we believe that dancing should be fun and not taken too seriously, although correct technique is always emphasized in order to make each dance easier to accomplish and, therefore, more enjoyable to practise.  This includes instruction on leading and following, rise and fall, holds, body position, timing, alignment and footwork, as well as lots of useful hints and tips.

With this in mind, our classes are suitable for all levels of dancer, from the beginner who has never danced before, to the more experienced dancer who wishes to master correct technique as well as practise new steps and figures.

For beginners, we encourage you to learn a variety of dances, both to make it more interesting and to help you to become a better all round dancer. We will teach you the basic steps in each dance - not so many that you cannot remember them, but enough to make the dance varied and interesting. We will also teach you some basic technique to give you a good grounding in each dance and to help make it look more like a dance than just simply steps to music.

For intermediate dancers, the class is based on teaching a short sequence of steps and figures which can easily be incorporated into existing dance routines, with emphasis on correct technique to make it easier for you to dance the steps. Practise time is programmed with the class.

The classes are deliberately kept small, allowing plenty of time for personal attention.  They are held on a large dance floor in a friendly atmosphere, giving dancers lots of space to move around.  Since many people are unable to commit themselves to a large number of consecutive weeks, all our classes are designed to be flexible to cater for the needs of the dancers.  If you miss a week, you can easily catch up.

We believe in a two way dialogue with students and encourage both questions and suggestions at any time.  If there is a particular dance you wish to learn that is not listed, or if you want to learn or revise any step or figure in any dance, we will do our best to accommodate your request.